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All the interviews collected for the project are now available to be listened to here.

Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones playing Eel Pie Island Hotel. Photo by Mike Peters
Membership Card

Anne Perry

Anne Perry, long-term resident

Lee Campbell

Lee Campbell, artist with studio on the island

Ioana Constantinescu

Ioana Constantinescu, houseboat dweller

Edward Davies

Edward Davies, long-term resident

Michele Whitby

Michele Whitby, artist and boat dweller

Gina Way

Gina Way, Eel Pie Club founder and visitor to the hotel

Lynda Kpoiski and Linda Smith

Lynda Kopiski & Linda Smith, visitors to the hotel

Pam and Philip Chart

Philip and Pam Chart, Richmond Yacht Club

Mark and Helen Montgomery Smith

Mark and Helen Montgomery Smith, Boatyard owners

Henry Harrison

Henry Harrison, resident, musician and developer

Sheba and Simon Cassini

Sheba and SImon Cassini, residents and artists

Caldwell Smythe

Caldwell Smythe, Colonel Barefoot's Rock Garden


Weed, commune member

Jack Betteridge

Jack Betteridge, long-term resident

Beryl Sheraton

Beryl Sheraton, visitor to the hotel

Shirley Freake

Shirley Freake, visited friends on the island

Don Craine

Don Craine, musician with the Downliner Sect

Trevor Baylis

Trevor Baylis, long-term resident

Ted Leppard

Ted Leppard, former worker and boatyard owner

Ken Dwan

Ken Dwan, boatyard owner

Lorna Boulter

Lorna Boulter, long-term resident

John Sewell

John Sewell, Twickenham Rowing Club

Avril Vellacott

Avril Vellacott, Twickenham Rowing Club

Bob Scott

Bob Scott, Twickenham Rowing Club

Robert Fisher

Robert Fisher, visitor to the hotel

Dan van der Vat

Dan van der Vat, long-term resident

Derek Griffiths

Derek Griffiths, musician with the Artwoods

Colin Heath

Colin Heath, long-term resident

Judy Astley

Judy Astley, visitor to the hotel

Richard Pull

Richard Pull, visitor to the hotel

Heather White

Heather White, visitor to the hotel

Bob Hall

Bob Hall, long-term resident